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Wine Stain Removal Tip

Wine Stain Removal In 12 Easy Steps

1) Find the Stain

Identify all parts of the wine stain. It is very important that you make note of the overall area before doing any removal

2) Find White Wine

White wine will help neutralize red wine and will make it easier to lift the color off of your carpet or clothes

3) No White Wine?

No problem. Any of the following will work: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, soda ash, vinegar, club soda, salt, or Chem-Dry Stain Extinguisher

4) Pour Your Liquid Over the Spill

Pour whatever neutralizer you choose over the wine stain. Then using a clean towel begin blotting up the liquid

5) Dampen a Sponge with COLD Water

Then blot it on the stain

6) Apply Salt

Shake salt onto the wine stain. This helps deter the wine from setting into your carpet and leaving a nasty stain behind


Keep applying salt until it no longer absorbs the wine. After this, cover the stain with another layer of salt

8) Cover with a Layer of Paper Towels
9) Place a Heavy Object on the Towel

Place a heavy object on the towels and allow it to sit over night. Remove the next morning

10) Vacuum the Salt

After the salt has dried vacuum the area and inspect the stain area

11) The Stain’s Still There?

If the stain is still there repeat the process or call a professional.

12) Enjoy Your Newly Cleaned Carpet


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